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Is your tenant delinquent, overstaying, destructive to your property, or in violation of any term on your lease?

Don’t want to deal with potentially hostile tenants that can wreak havoc on your home and your peace of mind?

Not sure how to navigate the tedious eviction process, and scared to make even a slight mistake that can cost you big time?

Do you dread the unpleasant, frustrating and often harrowing experience of eviction that you don’t have the time and energy for?

Our Nevada Eviction Process

Getting legal assistance for a Nevada eviction helps you avoid making a mistake that can be unlawful. Eviction takes around one to six weeks depending on reason and type of eviction. It takes longer if tenant files an appeal. 

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We'll recommend the best course of action given the situation.

We work our local team and law enforcement to get your property back.

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Las Vegas Evictions does the fastest and most efficient eviction process in Nevada to quickly regain possession of your home and get your rental income back on track.


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We’re your one-stop service for all your needs in Las Vegas evictions, from delivering eviction notices to court processing, tenant removal, and more.


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We put a keen eye on all eviction details and keep you updated real-time, ensuring all necessary paperworks are filled out, all steps are taken, and deadlines are met.